Monday, May 2, 2011

A brand new "Kitchen"

     After seeing the makeover at "Time Out for Mom", I was inspired to do one of my own. That and the fact I have been housebound with the flu. There is only so much sleep and television one person can handle. Les went and prettied her site up, I stripped mine down.

     Because I ramble and include a lot of pictures, my pages were getting slower and slower to load. After cruising the Internet this weekend (and finding out just how much I don't know about this forum) I decided a redesign was in order. It will be ongoing for a bit because I have made a lot of common mistakes all new bloggers make. Time for that Edit button.

     Stripping the site down makes it load a lot faster, bordering the pictures makes them stand out and thanks to the folks at printerfriendly you can now print the recipe pages, or any of them for that matter. I now have a page of only the recipes and all kinds of new things to make a visit to the "Kitchen" more comfortable and easier to get around. All good things. Besides, this is the only kitchen makeover I could afford. LOL

     The other reason for the post is the picture below. Krista posted it on her Facebook page and I have been waiting for an excuse to use it.

Austin Craig, the newest addition to the family
the littlest Who in Whoville

     Is that not the cutest baby picture ever?? I have to give credit to Cherry Pie. They took amazing pictures of Krista and Austin that I'm sure they will enjoy for ever. Well, until he starts dating and these become those embarrassing pictures Mom and Dad trot out. LOL You all know what I mean.

     So what do you think of the new "Kitchen"?


  1. Awesome! Look at your blog all grown up! LOL
    I love the header - the pics and the description. I found working with the pages makes it so much easier too. Looks like you are not going to need my help afterall. luvs it.

    I just have to finish my button - I think there is a problem with the code..and then I should be able to say Fini! for now...LOL

    and do not tell my kids...but that probably is the cutest baby picture ever!

  2. Thanks, there are a few bugs but I like it so far. Still trying to make it easier to search. You've done a lot more complicated stuff with yours so I'll still be picking your brain when I get a chance LOL.

    No I won't tell your kids, but their pictures are adorable too. Take care.


Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed your time in the "Kitchen".