Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another First

     What was supposed to be a quick recipe posting has turned into a marathon of all things blog related for me today. I did get both recipes posted, you're welcome David and Ruhi, sorry it took so long. As I was frantically typing away while watering my garden and BBQing breakfast, I thought to check my comments and I was done in. All previous plans dissolved and I was lost to the blogger world.

     The nicest thing was the Sunshine award that my cousin and fellow blogger awarded me, it made my day. It also made me realize how much I have missed being in my own little piece of cyberspace.

     The award is given to those who brighten up your day and I must say it came as a surprise. I'm the heavy here in the "Kitchen" and more often described as the raving b@#ch.  It's nice to know someone appreciates me. LOL

Here are the rules associated with this honour;

1 Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them.

Thanks RoryBore, I love following along with you and the family. You make me laugh and think.
That's her link above. She is part of the SAHM network and far more involved/connected/knowledgeable about and in the blogging universe. I rely on her for recommendations and can these Moms write; funny, articulate and all round just good people

2 Mention 10 other blogs you follow and think should get this award.

I don't actually follow 10 other blogs and quite frankly if anyone deserves this it is my cousin, RoryBore, but here are some of  the places I drop by if I have the time and I recommend them all. My criteria for choosing the list below is these are all people I would love to have guest post. Their blogs are funny, informative, informed and more often than not, all three together.
Lots of good recipes written with a great sense of humour
Again, great recipes and makes me laugh out loud and
Same author for both spots, informative and funny. A city girl who moved to the country, the exact opposite of what I have done. aka Squirrel it away
Very informative and another writer with a sense of humour aka Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
Fantastic and unusual recipes for game meat and lots of others, just a great read
A great blog about canning
Another cooking blog with a great sense of humour
Great recipes and again that sense of humour

3 Share one thing about yourself.

That's a tough one, what bizarre bit of trivia about me to share. Hmm. let's see. I have a tiara hooked over a bottle of rye in my bedroom. I'm not going to explain or justify, just let your imagination run wild. I'm sure what you come up with is far more interesting and exciting than the truth. ROFL

     On that note, I think it is time to sign off. I'd like to promise I will be posting more often but... I have one more run of strawberries to do, the beans and zucchini need to be picked, the garden weeded and watered, the kitchen painted, lawn/hayfield cut, I'm sure you get the idea. And I still have about a month's worth of updates to the family histories to get through. Thank you to everyone who has supplied photos and information. Too much to do in this fantastic summer weather and let's not forget, beer to drink LOL

     Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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